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Hi From OKC

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Hi All!

Glad to be here. I have a dobie for the first time, a 3 1/2 month old rust/red boy named Chewbacca, "Chewie". He is my pride and joy. Just moments ago, he was leaning on my husband's leg begging for rice and gravy.
We also have a Chow and he is getting on in years. By the time Chewie is mature and has gotten over his case of the puppysilly, Cochino will be elderly. Chewie will need to have become our new guardian and that all hit home the other night when some jerk tried to kick our door in. He is already dog aggressive and shys away from people, so I am hoping sooner than later his breeding will start taking over and he will become more possessive of us and the house.
I grew up in a barrio and being hispanic, I trust and know Chows. I never would have considered a Doberman until my coworker offered me a free puppy. Chewie has congenital vestibular disease and no one wanted to buy him. His head does not tilt anymore, but he is deaf in one ear and will go from room to room looking for someone whistling right in front of him.
The more I started reading about Dobermans, the more I realized this was the breed for me.
I am hoping that after he has gone through his vaccination series and has been neutered that I can get a female. My husband was apprehensive, but I told him it was either going to be a female doberman or a female Chow, so he can choose. He thinks Chows are too psychotic and hairy. LOL. I would like to be done with puppy puddles within the next eighteen months! That is my plan, but who knows how it will all turn out.
Right now, I am happy with 'Chino and Chewie and glad to be learning more about Dobermans from you all.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. There is lot's of good information here from many dobe owners. I am curious, why is he already dog aggressive and people shy? Have you not socialized him much? That's really important with this breed. And if you are doing this so he will grow up to protect you, well then you have it wrong. A well socialized dog will protect you and your family BUT will also be completely trustworthy. Which in my opinion is very important. Anyway's again welcome and please post some pics.!!
Welcome from Orson & me in Northern Indiana. You have found a great site if you want to learn more about dobes :)
Welcome from Florida. I totally agree with Okie-dobie. This breed really needs to be well socialized.
Welcome. Can't wait to see pics of you puppy.
Welcome to the forum from me and my girls here in the U.K.
Hello and welcome to the forum.. You have come to the right place to learn all about dobermans. There are a lot of very knowledgable people here that we can all learn from. The first things is to take some advise that has been given.. A young well social puppy is not dog aggressive or people shy.. That your puppy to puppy classes and to as many dog friendly places that you can to socialize him asap!! Not trying to get into your business but trying to give some friendly advise..
Like what was said above a well socialized dog is a better watch dog than one that is not also less likely to get sued if your dog goes after someone you did not want harmed (child) A well socialized dog is confident a confident dog will be a better dog all the way around. Take your pup every where you go, let him meet new people and other dogs & animals. Also since he is partly deaf it may pay for you to also train with hand signals too.If a dog does not get out he/she may be scared of everything a fear biter is born not a good watchdog.Also you want your dog to be a good Representative of the breed do your best to keep the Doberman breed off of any so called BAN list like so many Pit Bulls are on of course in some areas its already on the BAN list in my opinion any dog should not be banned just people should be banned
Good luck with your pup and we would like to see pictures of your Fur Kids.
Patches Mom
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hi and welcome. my red dobie pup is the same age. we began socializing her since the first week she was home. at first she was timid of other dogs, but now she is very happy to meet other dogs and has always been happy to meet people. we are still taking her everywhere we possibly can. i believe it's very important. from what i know, dobermans are instinctively protective. as was said before, socialization will prevent unwarranted aggression. good luck and just know that this forum is a great source of information, especially for new dobie owners.
ChewiesHumanPet said:
Hi All!

I have a dobie for the first time, a 3 1/2 month old rust/red boy named Chewbacca, "Chewie". He is already dog aggressive and shys away from people, so I am hoping sooner than later his breeding will start taking over and he will become more possessive of us and the house.
Welcome, I would just like to add a little something.
At 3.5 months old he is not confident and "protective" if he shys away from people at this age. That is NOT a good sign for a young puppy, also dog aggression that young is also a very bad thing.
That is not a safe dog to have around your house, esp. as he grows older, and cannot even be around to protect when people come over, as you will have to put him away b/c he is so shy and aggressive. It isn't something I would encourage.

As someone else has said, a shy nervy spooky untrusting baby puppy is not a stable confident protector. He is scared of things and to be a good protector like the Dobe should be, they should be socialized and confident of new people and places - esp. at such a young age, that worries me. Dog aggression in a baby puppy is cause to be concerned. You are right, that probably is his breeding as well as a bit of how he has been raised. Maybe a bit of his disability too.

Possiveness is not good, protectiveness is. But at this young age, he is not being protective, those instincts don't kick in until older, and right now he doesn't have the experience or maturity to understand what is a threat and what isn't, esp. based on what you described.

Sounds like most everything is a threat to him, other dogs, and people, which you will want to work on correcting immediately with LOTS of socialization and dog training classes with professionals and experts within the working breeds. Do you know what socialization is? That is taking them as many places as possible, car trips, errands, oil changes, friend's homes, family's homes, walking trails, lakes, camping, kid's games, the vet (just for treats and weighing if you don't have any real reason), dog food places, and basically as many places as possible and let him know people are nice, let them give him special treats and get to know him a little bit.

Personally, my dogs are very protective, and I feel safe b/c I can take them anywhere and everywhere and have them out when people are over b/c they are stable and confident and know a REAL threat vs. petty stuff. They watch, rather than react right away, they assess the situation.

The Doberman temperament actually faults shyness big time, or overly aggressive behavior. The correct Dobe temperament is confident, stable, alert, fearless, watchful, loyal, determined, and obedient. :)

I don't mean this in a bad way, I just want you to know, in case you don't, so your dog and any other Dobes you get grow up to be reliable, confident, and aren't overly reactive.
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shaishai said:
dobermans are instinctively protective. .
They are naturally protective, you cannot socialize or train it out, and you are doing a great job with yours, as you are giving Luna the tools to be confident by lots of socialization. :dancing_b
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