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Hi everyone , new here from NJ

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Hi ,
I am a big newbie here. I have been checking out these forums for a while now and finding them extremely informative have finally joined. This is one of my steps for my family to in the future become a Dobie family :)
We have yet to experience the joy of a Doberman in the family but are no strangers to "furry" additions.
My life story has always had a loving dog in the supporting role. From german shepherds to cairn terriers I've had many different furry personalities around.
Currently my husband , myself and our 3.5 yr old son share our home (and bed) with 2 rescue siberian huskies (14 and 6-7 yrs old)
We have been looking to add another member to the family and after lots of homework really started to focus on the Doberman.
We are looking for first a loving member of the family, second an intelligent dog that will protect its family , especially when my husband is at work ( he is a police officer and always concerned about us)

We have thought about adding a dog that would be a family protector for a while but never acted on it due to timing. We are well aware of time and dedication needed for both family and dog to be a perfect match. With our son out of infant stage and my current stay at home mom status' things have been looking prospective for this addition.

We have decided that we are definitely interested in dog of working lines since we will be training with a fellow officer (a K9 officer who also trains privately)
From there who knows where we could go. The idea of being very active with our new Dobe sounds like a exciting adventure.

Sorry this is so long but it is a getting to know you and I wanted to give an idea of who I am and where I'm coming from.

I'm happy to have found this site and look forward to any connections,recommendations and more I can receive.

Let me add that I share the feelings of many on here as to finding a reputable breeder. I have always rescued dogs as to my hatred of puppy mills etc so it is absolutely a must that when we are ready we find a breeder with a true love of the breed ,dedication to preserving and bettering.

I am located in NJ , feel free to reach out and make any suggestions on clubs resources , favorites etc.
Thanks again
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Welcome from Texas :]
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Welcome to the forum.

Check out Cara Dobermans. From what you've described, it sounds like a dog from Ray would likely be a good fit for your situation.
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Thank you all for the welcome :)

I very much appreciate the mention of Cara Dobes . They are Among the top of breeders I would like to connect with. I keep hearing wonderful things on here and reviews I have been seeking online. It feels great to have a "support"group when embarking on an unfamiliar road.
Again, ,much appreciated.
welcome- from englewood nj

you will love this forum, it is very educational in every factor of a doberman. you will love the many opinions of everyone on here. i have a 1- yr old dobie named apollo that was acquired from pa. if you need contacts on pet puppies, let me know. welcome again
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Welcome to DT! Doberman ownership is totally different than husky ownership(and much better ;)).
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