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Hi Everyone!! Haven't been on for a while!!

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Just wanted to drop by considering it's been months (literally) since I've come to this forum.

Well, despite some major negativity when I first got my doberman, Apollo because of having pomeranians that are male, the gang is doing PERFECT. :)

Apollo was neutered at six months and calmed down (not that he was over hyper before but typical pre-neuter puppy stuff, such as whinning when any female dog even was near a half of mile radius). He's now ten months and about 85lbs, healthy and beautiful.

We went thru training with my favorite trainer in MA, K-9 Performance and he did wonderfully. :)

Just wanted to give a quick update and say hi. Hope you and your dobes are doing well!!

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Hiya Leigha, glad to hear that all is well.
Hi Leigha, glad to see you back, and that all of your dogs are allright! Hope to hear more of you in the future:rotate1: :sunglasse
Glad to see you back Leigha, and glad to hear that everything is going well! :D
Welcome back, more pics and share some more about your boy :)
welcome back! glad to hear everything is doing great!
Welcome back! Glad all is well, where are the pics.?? :)
Good to see all is well,and welcome back.
Welcome back! Glad to hear from you. I second the pics. Where are they? :D
It is good to hear from you. Wow he is looking great! So handsome.. Thanks for the update and don't be a stranger..
hes a good looking dog. Your pom, looks like winnie the poo, hehe, cute.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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