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Hi everyone from Northern Cali

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Hi everyone,

I am a new member but have always been an admirer of what I consider to be the world's greatest dog. It is great to see such a nice site dedicated to the doberman.

I am also very thankful to have found this excellent and informative source which undoubtedly will help my wife and I through our journey to finding our newest member of the family. :)

Our story:

For the past six or seven years I have wanted to get a dog but my wife was always reluctant. Since I truly believe that he will be a part of our family it has been very important to have her on board with me before we move ahead.

I'm excited to say that this time it was my wife who actually suggested that it is time to get our dog. She's on various sites learning about the doberman and I can see her excitement which I love. She is more involved then I ever thought she would be. Though I'm very excited and can't wait, I first wanted to get your opinions and advise which I consider invaluable.

Our living style:

We currently live in an apartment complex but will be moving to a townhouse unit in the same complex. I realize that Dobes would prefer to be in a house with a good size yard.

Our place will be roughly about 1,400 sqft and we have a beautiful park right across the street. We are planning to give our dog the exercise he needs up to two times a day in the park or just walking through our town and the trails near us.

We have a business which is just 5 min. drive from our place and one of us will be checking on him daily during the working hours which is 10-6.


My wife has never had a dog but I have lived with two German Shepherds when I was grown up and my passion for dogs started then.

Future Plans:

We hope to start having children in the next year or two. I know that having a puppy and and infant around the same time is not a good idea so I'm hoping to be able to have a dog that is at least one year old before we are ready for a new baby.

By doing some research and reading the previous threads I know that it is extremely important to find the right breeder who is responsible and caring for the breed's betterment.

I understand that for a family dog from a reputable breeder I should expect to pay about $1,500-$2,000. We will be investing time in learning more about this beautiful dog and are willing to do what it takes to ensure providing him with the best possible living conditions that we can provide.

I believe that we would be ready in about two or three months time and hope to be getting a black/tan male pup. Kindly give me your recommendations on breeders in our area. We live in the Bay area but are willing to drive to southern california as well.

I have contacted aldcrest and Delmira already and their litters won't be ready until next spring.

Thank you in advance for your time!
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Hello from Modesto. There are a couple of Doberman events coming up in the area. The Sac Dobe Club is having our Doberman specialty Oct 7th and a lot of show Dobermans will be there as well as a couple of breeders (I would assume).

Doberman Pinscher Club of Sacramento - Specialty - October 8, 2010

Also, the Dobe Club of Nor Cal is having a Picnic in the Park event on Oct 2nd in Concord.

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Both clubs would be a good place to inquire about breeders in the area.

As far as living arrangements, the actual space isn't as important as the time you put in to your dog. I would rather a dog live in a townhouse and get lots of hikes and walks and playtime than a dog that lives on a acre that never gets to leave the backyard.
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There are a number of good breeders not terribly far from you. Off the top of my head.... Incredible Dobes in Santa Rosa and Soquel in Watsonville. Both have websites, just google.

You may be entering a puppy dry spell, as some breeders don't have litters during the Winter months, over the Holidays.... by design. Thus, you may have to be patient and wait until Spring.

However, I would certainly talk with Lorna (Incredible) and Linda (Soquel). If they don't have anything upcoming, they may know somebody that does.

Good luck with your search and welcome to DT!
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Hi from Virginia!
You were given great advice! I suggest you go to one of those exciting events, you could see the dogs work and meet some Dobermann owners to befriend!
Hello from Texas! This forum is full of great advice and very knowledgeable people. Good luck with your search!
Welcome from Missouri - Glad to hear you are doing your research. Hope you find that puppy soon!!! There is nothing like puppy breath kisses.
Thank you all for your kind words and advise. I have sent emails to the breeders you recommended and hope to hear from them soon.

All the best!
Hello and Welcome to Doberman Talk!!

Good luck with your research and search for just the right dog. If you get the chance, please check out a few rescue Dobies too! Thank you.

Hugz to you and yours!
hELLO and welcome to DTC.may you enjoy every moment of your stay here...Greetings from Philippines.
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