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Hi all

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Hi All,
Just found this forum and wanted to join.
I have two Doberman sisters that have been with us since they
were 8 mos. old, and are now a little over 2 yrs. old. I've had Dobermans
for over 20 yrs, and absolutely love the breed. So loyal and devoted, so much love to give : )

Both my girls are raw fed, and very happy. We are blessed that they have no health issues to deal with, only us whomans and probably cuz we don't eat as good as the girls do! LOL

Anyways, HI to all, glad to be here.
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Welcome and I hope you enjoy the forum. I also feed raw, to my Shiz tzu.
Hi Oscar eats better than me, too. Welcome!
Welcome Iza, hope you enjoy the place, we have some really great dobe loving people aboard.
Having dobies that long would make you a great resource for some of our ?????'s
Hi and welcome to the forum from me and my girls here in the U.K.
Welcome to the forum....
Thank You!

Big thank you to you all for the nice welcome : )
If there is anything I can help with in our wonderful world of Dobermans,
please don't hesitate to ask. I"ll give you all a thumbnail sketch of some of the areas I've had most experience in.

Homeopathy, I've studied for almost 8 yrs. now, and have a small home biz
as a Homeopathic Guidance assistant. I seem to deal with alot of allergy type problems, immune dis-eases, odd types of cancers, etc. Alot I have traced back to diet.

In the world of Dobermans, I've dealt with Wobbler's Syndrome, hypothyroidism, cancer, allergies both environmental and food-borne. Also cardiomyopathy. I have 3 horses that range in age from 3 yrs. old to 30 yrs. old : )

Again, thanks for the warm welcome, and if I can help anyone, give me a shout.

Suzanna an Girls

OHHH, a BIG P.S.! The pictures I've seen of your Dobermans are GORGEOUS!!
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Welcome to Dobermantalk! Glad to have you, post some pictures of your 4 legged family when you can :D
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