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Hey Vermont, look at Narikos cute crop

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sorry, couldnt resist.....:haha:


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Very cute! I think we both have the left ear thing going on..... :p
BackInBlack said:
Very cute! I think we both have the left ear thing going on..... :p
The base is fine, actually it stands pretty well, just a little weak at the top compared to the other...

awsome name, ROMMEL, we had a rottie at work whos name was Rommel, great dog, great name...
Deacon's-MoM said:
Haha... I love it hotpursuit!
:3dbiggrin :wink:
thanks...alot of people say its work to get the ears standing... a little time for posting and thats it....i just dont see it as complicated as some have stated... note, this is my 4th dobe ive been involved with while posting.
thanks man.....your pup is sure growin much does she weigh
clearly practise is making perfect with the ear posting, hot pursuit.

Looks great, please do share you experience in ear posting for those of us that still haven't figured it out.

Princi had the same left ear prolem for a while, and it still drops sometimes.
well its maybe 15 minutes of work every ten days.... and 2 people to post em makes it easier.... i dont use tampons or sticks, i use a paper towel rolled up, it is really comfy for the pups and they dont fight it as much... also only tape at bottom then just below the tip, this way you can tell if it was too tight. also my girls ears didnt need a cross brace as she stood them on her own, and i would continue to get her attention and use that muscle.... it takes some attention but i dont consider it hard work.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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