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IloveMyDobie31 said:
p.s. I was also given a full health guarentee, and a she can't be that horrible of a breeder right??
Just for the sake of discussion, that depends ...

*Anyone* can guarantee *anything*. What did the breeder DO to try to ensure there wouldn't be health problems? In other words, what good is a health guarantee if nothing was done to try to prevent health problems? A health guarantee should presumably be backed up by full health testing on the parents - hip and elbow evaluations, cardiac ultrasounds and Holter monitors, vWD DNA tests, full thyroid panels, eye exams, liver/kidney panels, etc.

A pedigree can be completely falsified. A pedigree can be a mishmash of dogs that never should have been bred. Don't get me wrong - a pedigree is a wonderful thing and is the first step in being able to do all kinds of research on your puppy/dog, but the presence of a pedigree alone is not an indicator of whether the breeder is any good or not.
1 - 1 of 63 Posts
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