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here comes trouble

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fonzie can climb stairs already...oh no lol. Kinda scared me at first because he is barely big enough to pop over a step itself. On the plus side he does not attempt to go down them yet....I dont think I would let him anyway.

This kinda shows how fast he did it....barely caught a pic of him. I think fearless genious is keyword here
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I remember when Indy was too small to climb the stairs...seems like just yesterday. Now he races up them like they're nothing! My how time flies!
I'm imagining the theme song to Jaws to this picture :lol2:
Awwwwe, he is just a little maniac huh?? Very cute indeed :)
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I tried closing the baby gate he's trying to climb it. That idea didnt work out to well. Guess he gets free run of the house! Too smart.
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