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Are vet has a person that just does posting (she goes to all the vets around town for posting) This is what she told my Wife & I, first you don’t have to rap the post all the way down with the sticky side-out, she said that sometimes this will cause irritation. Two; if the dog shakes-out the post look inside the ear and if there is any dark purple spots this sometimes could mean that, the post are irritating the ear. Three; she likes to use the tape between the ears for at lease a Month or two, she said that this will help-out if they are very activate and like to play a lot, The first time she did Coco’s ears she used the ½ inch backer rod, she said that this size will work all the way through her ear posting.
She started with duck tape and at the bottom, she left-out about ¼ inch of the backer rod .
Then she used ½ inch sports tape, she started at the bottom where she stopped with the duck tape & rap around one time then, she started at the top of the post with the sticky side-out and went all the way down and stopped where the sports tape started so, that left about 1 inch total that was not taped with the sticky side-out she said that there is no need to have the sticky tape all the way down in the ear this could cause some irritation. Coco is just about done with the ear posting (think God, it can get very stressful) she just turned 6 Months so I think we will wait until after she gets spayed and then try the breath-right strips for a week or so.

Good luck.  :)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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