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I have a new rescue in that is blind in one eye. It looks to me as though he was struck at some point, but I'm only guessing.

This guy is currently sporting a collar and lead, because that's the only way I can catch him safely. He gets himself backed into a corner (I mean he will actually back himself into a corner and sit there), without any motivation from me or another entity, and will sit there and snap and growl at whatever he seems to feel is around. I feel badly for him, and am determined to do my best to work him through this. I make certain NO ONE bothers him (as in my other fosters or furkids), and that when I sit with him, I make no moves unless he offers his chin to be scratched.

I sat on the deck with him the other night, and gave him treats as he'd come up when I called him. I sat quite still, talked to him and was as non-threatening as possible. I'm liable to get bitten before this is all over, but I can't let him down and turn my back as surely as did his previous owner.

Any suggestions, comments and/or questions are quite welcome!

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