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Have you taught her to show you when she has to go?
I can only read between the lines but if you are taking her out every hour or less, that suspects to me, that she is not showing you.
With housetraining, over time someone can teach a dog to pee on command. You want her to show you instead of taking her out all the time.
Once she starts showing you, you don't have to take her out, so often. Then teach her a bell and it gives her other ways of communicating her need.
I love the bell that Nubis uses now, cuz sometimes I don't catch his signs when he is tearing around after the cats. Lol. He now knows sometimes when im talking, reading, busy, etc...that bell always gets my attention. Sometimes, which I want to, when he has my focus, I accept his old ways but will sometimes say, show me, and if he nose butts again, I'll say bell, and he will hit the bell.
If your girl went on the way after getting up, I would guess she was busting to go.
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