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Help me get ready? Pics too.

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Okay, now I have been obsessing about my pup, and he isnt even born yet...I want to start getting ready (getting what I need to make baby happy and healthy for when he does FINALLY come home), and was wondering if all you experienced Dobie owners minded helping me out and giving me some suggestions. When I had to put my GSD to sleep last year I got rid of all my "big dog stuff" cause It was hard having it around. Im thinking about using Innova large breed puppy food, has any body else had experience with this stuff? Also what are the best toys and chewies to have ready for my pup when he gets home. What are they best grooming tools (brands/specific types), puppy shampoo etc. etc. to have for my pup? ALSO-I have several Doberman books and puppy/dog training books, but are there any in particular that you reccommend? I have owned a number of dogs before, but never a Dobie, and Ive also never made this big of deal about a puppy before-I guess I am already hooked! We currently have a mini Dachshund, he's super sweet, but for some reason he isnt much of a companion for my jogs-lol (maybe it has something to do with the fact that his legs are 3 inches long...)
Thanks everyone!
Trying to post pic of mom and dad (hope it works..)
This is Legend
This is mira-its hard to tell in this pic, but she is red
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I think that's really neat that you're so excited about your new "baby". And if you think you're obsessed now, just wait until you bring it home! As for toys, puppies of course love to chew, especially when they're teething. My dogs love the Nylabone durable bones (specifically chicken and liver flavors).
They also love stuffed toys, especially to sleep with :)

A great place to buy low priced plush toys is PetEdge (, but I warn you, it's addicting! I think I must buy things on a weekly basis. In fact, whenever Indy hears the UPS man, he runs to the front door.

BTW, the parents are very nice looking. Can't wait to see pics of the pup!
One of the first things I bought Mensa to chew on was a "Puppy Starter Set" from Nylabone. It had four different Nylabones. Mensa liked three of them, so then I knew which ones to get her when she chewed up her first ones.

Good Luck!
What beautiful dogs! Make sure you get a good gates. We have three ways into our kitchen, and one is a very large span of 9feet, hard to find gates to fit that, we put them all up permanently, this way Petey can be with us all the time, and not be getting into trouble around the house.

Toys are addicting! Dobies are so smart they constantly need new ones. Petey won't chew on anything plastic except water and soda bottles. He loves stuffed animals now. He always has one in his mouth.

I do like the Innova foods, I did a ton of research on all that are out there. I had Petey on Solid Gold, and Innova. He didn't do well on either, he has major problems with chronic diarrhea. I have him on RAW for the last few weeks and the diarrhea is gone.

Dobermans are the greatest dogs. I am having so much fun with Petey.

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You picked a good spot to get your dobe from in Ontario. Have fun and enjoy the addiction.
Hello My boy is from Pat & Brian

Legend is a beautiful boy and have seen him a few times. Who is that red bitch from??
Sorry just looked through some of you posts :)

Looks like your in good hands..Congrats on your puppy
Mira is from Denmeldobes in Calgary Alberta, owned by Denise Mellor

Ch. Denmel's Critical Acclaim ( MIRA )

She is lovely, I might add and is tested all the way.
I looked at some of her show, and head shots, impressive package, I think.
This is not good I am getting itchy for a puppy. lol

Dam and Sire
BISS Am Ch. Richwyn's Hot Rod x Can Ch Supernova Powerplay V Denmel
I know exactly where you're coming from, mabarker! My hubby and I have been just as excited as you before our pup was even born - and he's still not home yet... only one more week! :D It just gets more and more exciting as the time gets closer - especially once you know which pup will be yours (we only just found out when they were 8 weeks old).

We've bought a bunch of stuff over the weeks - a crate (Extra Large Vari-Kennel), tall gate, adjustable collar, 6' leash, engraved ID tag, nail trimmers (scissor-type - NOT the guillotine-type), shampoo, and Kongs (puppy and king-size adult). We figure he can pick out his own toys once he get him and take him on a shopping spree! I also ordered a bunch of Zonas tape from work for ear posting - and I'll have to get some tampons for that too. And of course, puppy food (dry and canned), crunchy treats, and training treats. I'll also get a pet toothbrush and toothpaste for him. It's nice because I can get most of this stuff at cost from my work (yay!).

Also, you should research obedience training in your area so you can plan on doing that right away - to start between 12 and 16 weeks.

To help the time go by faster, I did TONS of research on behavior training - from crate training and housebreaking, to separation anxiety prevention - both online and from books. It never hurts to be armed with all the info possible. I even typed up 5 pages worth of online/book notes for my hubby to read, LOL! The one book that I bought that I'd recommend to any new puppy owner is "The Perfect Puppy: How to Raise a Well-Behaved Dog" by Gwen Bailey. There's a lot of behavior information in there that I found quite helpful. All the Doberman books I bought were a waste of money and didn't contain anything I didn't already know or couldn't find online.

Congrats on your future baby! I'm sure I'll be seeing you around! :D
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thanks, I will check out that book. I agree that alot of the books on Dobermans, aside form have nice pictures, are useless. They dont give information on things I really want to know about- like ear posting, feeding etc...I have never posted ears before, and I have to drive 9 hours to pick up my pup-so the breeder wont be able to help me. I have been looking trough some past threads-I think this forum is one of the best things I have found so far-lots of pics with ear postings, info on feeding raw, and REAL owners experiences. Just looking a doberman pictures makes me feel like I will never want a different type of dog-I dont think there is another breed out there that radiates the way a dobie does-they are beautiful animals!!
When you pick up your pup just ask your breeder to show you on one ear how to post and then you do the other one with her guidance :) I am sure she might know somebody in your area as well to give you a hand with posting if you have trouble.

Ask her to also show you how to do his nails with a dremel,it's the best way to keep his nails short and with the least amount of pain :)

As for the food just ask her what kibble he has been on, I would say keep him on that food for awhile then switch him over to whatever you want.

With my boy when I picked him up he was being fed Pro-Plan, I kept him on that until he was 9 months then I switched him over to Raw. I just wanted to learn more about feeding Raw before switching him over.
Legend is gorgeous!!
Be very careful with the adult size extra large kong. Puppies can get their underjaw into it and can't always get it out. I know a dog who did this as a puppy and he had to be knocked out so they could cut the kong off. It was pretty traumatic for him.
Just looking a doberman pictures makes me feel like I will never want a different type of dog-I dont think there is another breed out there that radiates the way a dobie does-they are beautiful animals!!

So exciting for you! Best of Luck.

I could look at pics of dobes all day long.. my own or others'.
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