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Hello To All

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HI All
my name is michelle and im based on the south cost of england ,
i own 3 dobermanns , 2 bitches: zala, and bengy, along with 1 dog prince ,
i will post some pictures soon ,
bye for now,

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hi michelle! welcome to dobe talk. the dobe in your avie is very pretty! i hope we see more pictures soon.
Welcome michelle, glad you are here!
Welcome, would love to see some pics :)
Hi Michelle and welcome to DT from a fellow Brit and his pack,do you show the lad with the uncropped ears ? i have visited your website and from the picture i seem to recognize your face, but i see so many people at the shows,also i know the guy who did your picture on your home page,his partner is a commitee member at our breed club the BDDC.And i love the 2 cropped lads,i too have a puppy of Royal Bell lines,my latest baby Mischa,her daddy is F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell.
Hello and welcome to the forum.:)
Welcome to DobermanTalk...Let it become your 3rd place.

hi all
and thanks for the very worm welcome ,
brunwolf the awnser to your question regarding showing ,
yes i did at one point , but found the hobby becomeing uninjoyable .
so he is now working , as a security patrol dog with my husband ,
he is sia & b,i,p,d,t accredeted , and loves every minite of it ,

Dog Mammal Vertebrate Canidae Dog breed

here is a picture of prince training with dave harris in crawley at
von wolf kennells

See less See more

ALL iv maneged to get some pics in my gallery ,

have a look and tell me what you think

ow and let me take this oppertunety to wish all
a happy and healthy 2007

Pretty / Handsome! And same to ya on the new year. :)
Beautiful dogs Michelle. welcome to the forum, glad you found us, I hope you enjoy it.

hi and welcome to the forum i am sure you will make lots of friends here
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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