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Hello I'm from The Netherlands :D!

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Hi Everybody:)

I'm from The Netherlands, from Oostvoorne ( at sea). I'm 21 years old and a student at a High School named InHolland (how original :p). Sinds december 2006 I own a dobermann named Zohran van Schuylenburcht, maybe you know Amanda, she has his sister Ziris van Schuylenburcht.
Zohran is 7 months old at the moment, I'm doing tracking, obedience en protection training with him since a few weeks. You can see photo's at his own homepage when you can't find the latest pictures then click

I was curious to all the american dobermann owners and there dogs so that's why I register to this website:biggthump ! My excuses for my bad English but I do the best I can!

Greetings from Annelies and Zohran
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Welcome Annelies!!! Glad to see you joined us :)
Welcome Annelies, have fun here. And don't worry about your English, you're doing great, and you're not the only foreigner here, myself included, however I do live in the US.
I was born and raised in Denmark. Moved to the US just before my 25th. birthday.
Welcome Annelies and Zohran. I've enjoyed looking at Zohran's pictures. Congrats on the new pup. Your English is just fine. I'm glad you joined.
Hello and welcome from me and Tia in a very rainy UK!
Welcome from the neighbour from Zwartewaal, nice to see you, so we got many stories, picures of Ziris brother as well, they are used to a lot of pictures here Annelies, so I guess Marco must learn to take lots and lots of pictures, only from you and Zohran :)
Welcome from Ria and Rudi in Ohio. My sister's Mother-In-Law is from Amsterdam. She just moved back to the USA a few months ago......she tends to move back and forth every 10 years or so! Crazy Hollander! LOL
Hello & welcome from Isabelle & I in Arizona :)
Hi welcome to DT, you should enjoy it here. Looking forward to seeing pictures of you baby Zohran, we already love seeing pictures of his sister Ziris.
Welcome from Orson and me in Northern Indiana :)

Your boy is handsome as can he a rascal like Z-girl?? LOL

And your english looks great!
Welcome! That is a really cute site, for a really cute puppy! Boy he has a high earset - sweet. :)
Welcome to DT. You have a very cute boy. Looking forward to many more pictures of him.
Hi Annelies...I'd just like to say that your English and spelling is better than most of the people here. :) Welcome.
Hello and welcome! I haven't checked out your pics yet, but I'm on my way to do it now!

Always glad to have another doberman fan amongst us!
Well thanks everbody for your sweet and kindly reactions!
But what is "is he a rascal like Z-girl" from Acooper's reaction?
And offcourse I would take a lot of pictures of my 'little' boy :D, I'll also put some photo's online at this website. Unfortunately I don't he much(many?) recent pictures, but elly ( allmost my neighbour) will help me with that.

I'd really enjoyed all the other pictures on this website, especially the pictures of fawn, white and blue dobers. We don't have those colours inhere, only red/ brown and black

A least thanks to all the people that have checked my website!
Hi and welcome to DT from me and my little pack here in the U.K.
I still have Bad English myself and I live in New Jersey. Welcome to DT from me and my 2-pack.
But what is "is he a rascal like Z-girl" from Acooper's reaction?
It is a joke saying that Ziris is a trouble make and asking if your dog is one too....
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