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Hello from Vancouver Island!

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Hi there,
I just happened to stumble across this website! It's great! We have our first dobie puppy 'Myla', 10 weeks old today. She is from Devonquest dobes, her mommy was bred by Kalora in NY. She is going to be an agility superstar and compete in conformation. I hope! LOL, I feel like a 'soccer mom' only with my puppy, but I'm just really into doing things with my dogs. We all go camping, to the lake, hiking, to the river, and to their grandma and grandpa's farm to watch chickens, goats, donkeys and horses. Anyways, here are pictures of my girl.
Talk to you all soon,
Amanda & Myla


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Welcome Amanda. Myla looks very pretty... boy they grow up so fast, so don't forget to enjoy it while you can, AND take tons of pictures, we really like to see pictures here, you can never post too many. Have fun!
Welcome to the forum from Ontario. I hope you enjoy. :)
Thanks, I thought so too, but then I'm a bit biased. I've been watching her grow since she was 2 weeks old!
Welcome. She is a cute girl.
Welcome to the forum. You've certainly met up with the "Soccer" moms and dads of dobermans. Just think of it as sitting on the sidelines with all of us gleaming about our babies haha. I never would have thought of it that way till you said that but it makes sense XD!

Again welcome from KY from me and Sade to you and your pretty girl!
Now isn't she a cutie. Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to chat with all us doberman nuts..

I'm new too - and an Amanda! Your baby is beautiful!
<----also and Amanda. :D Your new puppy is gorgeous! Welcome.
She is beautiful! I love the picture of 2 of them hanging over the gate. So cute! Such big paws!
Welcome to DT from me and my gang here in the U.K.
Welcome from Ohio. Your little girl is adorable.
Welcome from Southern Indiana!! You have a very pretty girl!
ahhh sweet puppy breath! welcome to the forum amand from me and my two doberkids

Welcome to DT, your baby sure is cute!!!!
Thanks all, we pick her up tomorrow morning. You can imagine how excited I am! Oh to have a puppy in the house... nothing like puppy breath and fresh pee on laminate flooring! I don't mind one bit! I got to play with her sister yesterday, she's at her new home on the island which is coincidently just down the road from us! They're going to be doing agility together and everything. I'll have more pictures (millions more pictures...) when we bring her home tomorrow!
Amanda & Myla
Welcome from Orson and me in Northern Indiana :)
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