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Hello from the UK

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Hi All,
My name is Dianne and I am owned by my 4 Dobes Jed, Star, Leah and Nika and my Chinese Crested, Buffy I live in Berkshire in the Uk and have had Dobes for 22 yrs.I show and breed and am very interested in the genetics and health related sides of breeding.i have a great passion for many of the dogs bred in Russia and am very proud of my young bitch Nika whom is from a imported russian male.I thourght it would be nice to speak with other Dobe folk from a different country to exchange any different views and opinions, and with any others on the forum that maybe also from the UK.:)
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hello Dianne, welcome to dobetalk. I am also from the uk and dobe mad.
there are a few people on from the uk now. Its a brilliant site, and everyone is very friendly.:)
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