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Hello from Southern Mass!!

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I've been looking around the internet for a good Doberman forum, and it looks like my search has come to an end (thanks to someone from another forum that I'm a member of). Although I don't have a Doberman just yet, I plan on getting one in the near future. (I'm the type that likes to do as much research on possible before getting involved in something) I've spent some time (too little, had to stop because i moved) at a Doberman rescue center helping out (walking dogs) just so that i can better familiarize myself with the breed (I've been infatuated with Dobies all my life). As of right now, I'm enjoying all my Boston terrier (*******)

has to with that said...Hello to everyone! and i look forward to the wealth of knowledge that this site proves to offer!!
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Welcome from Washington state to you and *******!!!
Welcome from me and Tia in England! ******* is a cutie! I used to have a doggy who went by the same name - many many moons ago.
Welcome!!! And congrats to you for taking your time and researching! Glad to have ya here! And your ******* looks like a real character!!
Glad to have you here. Have fun looking around the archives -- there's a great bunch of people here.
Hello and welcome, I hope you enjoy!! I love the name *******...hehe!!
Orson and I welcome you from N. Indiana :)

I wish there was a Dobe rescue closer to us that I could volunteer for........they would probably have to make me go home. What a great way for you to learn about the breed :)
Oh, and your picture isn't showing up for me for some reason??
Welcome to the forum....I'm new myself and still trying to catch up on all the reading :)
Welcome to DT from me and the "Britpack"
Welcome to Doberman Talk from me and my 2-pack..
Oh, and your picture isn't showing up for me for some reason??
should be working now!!! sorry about that, silly me moved the picture at photobucket
hello :wavey: and welcome from Southern Indiana
Welcome from Ria and Rudi in Cincinnati, Ohio! Rudi is a rescue and we volunteer at our local Dobe rescue!
Welcome to DT. ******* is a doll.
Welcome from the sunshine state. Good for you for taking your time and doing all the research. There are some very knowledgeable people on this board who can lead you in the right direction. Oh yeah and they are pretty nice too. :)
Welcome from myself and the boys from the Netherlands!
Oh what a cute your Boston is... Welcome to the forum. Great site here to learn about dobermans.. but don't be surprised that after seeing and hearing about all the great doberman stories that you get one sooner than later.. LOL
Welcome again
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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