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Hello from Scottsdale!

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Hello, my name is Tim. I'm 44 years old and this is my 4th Dobie since I was 10 years old. My new girl's name is Rainah. She is a red and was born on Dec. 5th, 2006. She is doing great. On my way over to the breeder to pick her up, she called me and said there was a problem. Rainah came in from outside covered in blood. She thinks she got caught on the woodpile outside the door. When I got there, sure enough, she had a hole in her right cheek under her eye. I took her to the emergency vet and they checked her out. She got a few shots and they cleaned out the wound. It never really fazed her though. I will try to attach a pic of her two weeks ago when I picked her up. The one on the right was taken last weekend. She healed up pretty well. This is a great forum with some very knowledgeable and friendly people. Thanks for being here. Tim


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she is adorable....poor little thing with the owie....
Welcome from Rudi the Red..........and me from Cincinnati, Ohio!
My boyfriend transferred out to Phoenix last May. I've been out several times. I love it out there..........hope to join you someday! Espescially Rudi. He told me he wants to live in a warmer climate. LOL
Oh she is a looker! And you are right.........there isn't a whole lot that slows these guys/girls down!

WELCOME :) From Freezin Cold Indiana..........(I lived in AZ in a little place called Chandler Hgts for about 7-8 years)
Welcome to DT, from the Netherlands, your new girl, she is a cutie!
Welcome from North Carolina! Rainah seems to be healing up nicely. Looking good!

Welcome from North Carolina. Her scab looks to be healing well. Please dont take offense..but she does look a little skinny to me, for a pup. Did the vet say anything about her weight? She is a real cutie though.

Again, Welcome. I hope that you enjoy it here. :)
BackInBlack said:
Welcome from North Carolina. Her scab looks to be healing well. Please dont take offense..but she does look a little skinny to me, for a pup. Did the vet say anything about her weight? She is a real cutie though.

Again, Welcome. I hope that you enjoy it here. :)
No offense taken! She was a little skinny when I got her. I spoke with her vet and he said not to worry, she will be putting it on soon. He gave me some Science Diet I/D for her. Since then she has gained 2 lbs. :weight1:
She is adorable!!!! Also welcome to the forum from the GA. doberkids!!!!
Welcome to Dt from me and the pack here in the U.K.
Welcome from New Mexico, I hope you enjoy the forum as much As I do. And your Rainah is beautiful. Looks like she is healing very good!!
Welcome to DT. She is a cute girl. Hope you have fun here.

What a pretty girl you have there!

Welcome from me and my two doberkids in Florida!
good luck with her. I do agree that she looks very skinny and I would have an issue with the breeder who let her go that way.

That said, I'm not sure the Science Diet ID is the best bet for putting weight on. I'd put her on a really good puppy kibble for a few months till she is about 5 months old and then switch to a good adult kibble. There are tons of kibbles out there, but most Doberman puppies do well on Pro Plan puppy. Pro plan is not my choice for adult dogs but for whatever reason, the puppies seem to do well on the puppy food. There are other good puppy kibbles out there as well - I'm just speaking from my own experiences with puppies.

This is good learning forum - and we don't mind questions.
Sorry but if you look on the Science Diet ingredients I'm pretty sure the 1st ingredient is corn. You may want to look at Whole Dog Journal's 2006 list of foods it is some where on the forum I believe.
Welcome to the forum you will get some great advise here sorry to get on my soap box but I have a real problem with Science Diet foods I believe the vets get a kick back for selling it but that is my own opinion.
You pup is really nice looking.
Patches Mom
im from az and have moved to mammoth for the winter. I was born and raised in fountain hills. cute looking pup!
First of all, let me just say thank you for all the nice replies. :)
Second, to Patches Mom, everyone in business is entitled to make a profit. Do you think the store you purchase whatever food you purchase, doesn't make anything on that transaction? Like I said in the original post, He GAVE me the food. He has been our 4 Dobies vet for 24 years. I would trust him with my life. Even if he wanted to charge me for the food, it’s a business. Is he not allowed to make anything on their shots or x-rays or surgery either? Most of the vets I know that are in private practice, are NOT non-profit. :duh_6b:
Velmadobe, if you go with Patches Mom’s thinking, are you getting a kick back from Pro Plan?? :shhhh: lol Rainah has been Nutro Max for the past week and she is starting to fill out, just like the vet said. Sheeesh I just wanted to say hi.:nana:
Thanks again for all the nice welcomes. :largegr:
Oh she sure is a keeper!! I look forward to hearing more puppy stories from you real soon.
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