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Hello from Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Hello everyone,

My name is Reül and I am training the Dutch police dog program called KNPV.
There are not many Dobermanns doing KNPV, because most of the people training at the PHV's (KNPV-clubs) automatically use Belgian/Dutch Shepherds.
I started a bit lat, with training KNPV (started in August), but my Dobermann Peppe does it quit good. He does some things better then shepherds who are a year in training. So lets hope he keeps on improving.

I do not have pictures jet of him @ training. But as soon as I have them, I'll post then on the forum.
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Welcome from Missouri and that is FANTASTIC that you are training him in police work!!!! We are all pulling for you guys!!! Show them how it is done.
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Heya! Welcome from Virginia in the states! So good to hear; your boy is going to kick some ass!
Welcome from TX!
Glad to hear from you--welcome from Colorado!
Welcome from Arizona. I have visited Amsterdam / Rotterdam twice, I love the country! Congrats on your boy - I always thought it was too cold over there for Dobermans to do police work...... We would love to see pictures.
Welcome from Canada!!!!!
I think its very cool you've started KNPV with your Dobermann. What do the other breed owners think? If you ever get some pics I'd love to see them, video's would be even cooler!
Welcome from Greece! Sounds interesting! Don't forget the pictures!
Hello and welcome from Maine! best wishes with the training. keep us posted!
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