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Hi and congrats on Dakota. One of my co-worker's is pregnant and that's her baby's name. HA!
You said you haven't had a dog in a while. Neither have I. My last dog was murdered and I hurt very deeply for a long time about that. My cats were killed as well. I'd basically sworn off animals entirely and refused to have a pet. My husband gave me about two years to mourn and then gently told me to get over it and try again.
Maybe I missed it, but what color is your dog?
I'll agree with you on the smart thing. Maximus was already kinda housebroken when we got him. (I say kinda because his previous owner said he wasn't, but when you leave him inside for 5 hours straight by himself he is gonna have accidents. Besides, he was peeing on the door, so he got the point.) But he knew the routine within I'd say 24 hours. We sit before we go out the door, I give permission for him to go outside, he potties, and then he sits and is given permission to go through the door on the way back. Because of our little people and my last dog, I want him to understand he cannot race through doorways.
So welcome again to the forum and to having a Doberman and we'll have to keep each other posted and compare notes on these little Halloween monsters we have.
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