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Hello from Ohio

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Boy, could I use some help!
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Hi Gradie,
I'm Tracy and am owned by a 7 month old black/rust female named Chihiro.

You've come to the right place :) This forum is just full of people willing to help :) I just hope that we can....
Welcome to the forum,you just ask the questions and i'm sure everyone here will help.
There is a wealth of dobe knowledge here.
Hello and welcome!! Where in Ohio are you?? I'm in Chardon (Geauga County). Tell us more about yourself!
Welcome to the Forum! I am sure that you will find it informative, supportive, and full of a bunch of people who are nutty about Dobermans!! Be sure and tell us about yourself and post Photos!! We love Photos!!
Hello and Welcome!

Fairly new myself....Pretty much anything you're wondering. You'll find the answer's here ;)
Thanks everyone,
I live near Cincinnati and have a 3year old female and an 8week old female.
They are two totally different personalities that I hope will eventually mesh.
Hi there. I have a 3 yr old female (Darmok) and a 2 yr old female (Sasha) and they also have totally different personalities. But they are also close buddies and love each other to pieces. I cant imagine not having the both of them together, they keep each other company when I'm not home.
Hi again,i am owned by three dobes Amber(6Yrs old)Chelsie(3 Yrs old)and Tia my show girl(19 months old today)you will find that almost every dobe you see has a different character all bonded with the same traits and habits.
(like wanting to get on the bed which is pretty universal if you ask me).
hey and welcome. you'll enjoy it here its nice and friendly
Hi gradie, welcome to the forum. Lots of very clever dobe people are here to help you (wish I was one of them....). :)
why the sad face.? you will never find a better dog than a dobe - or a better message board. I've only been on a couple days and have had lots of intelligent, thoughtful, and comical feedback. Dobes can get on your last nerve sometimes, but the second they do you realize that they just took a larger part of your heart. welcome

Hi Gradie!........I'm in Cincinnati, east side near Lunken Airport/Anderson Township. I have a big red doberboy named Rudi.
Welcome Gradie I'm from Ohio also but North of you in mercer county. I have 1 black doberboy .
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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