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Hello I'm to posting. I've been a random lurker for a while but just recently just started doing a lot more reading up on the breed. I've always loved the look and temperament of the Dobermans I've had the pleasure to work with as a vet tech and groomer.

I've started to do more research now because I am looking to get a dog I can train to be my psychiatric service dog. Some of the things I'd need the dog to do would be deep pressure stimulation, tactile stimulation, crowd control, bracing, and some general tasks such as turn on lights and checking the house.

Do you think a doberman would be a good choice to do these things? If so does anyone have any breeder recommendations for the NJ area? I can travel a few hours in any direction. I have found the Cara Doberman website already and was wondering if a dog with the drive that his seem to have would be a good fit for a service dog of my needs.

Thanks everyone. I look forward to reading the responses and reading more on this site. I've ready found some great information here.

Oh, I should also mention that I have a 5lb, 6 year old, spayed female yorkie and a 3 year old Maine **** cat. Plus I have twin 15 month old nieces who are at my house at least once a week. So any dog I get would need to be alert to my needs but tolerant of toddlers and a yorkie who gives way too many kisses.

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