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Hello from Michigan

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I'm Kim from Michigan. I am mainly into Labradors but have a special fondness for Dobies as well. I own a 4 year old blue Doberman named Major who is a very sweet boy. I lost my red boy, Scooter, to bone cancer several years ago.
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Hello and welcome! Can't wait to see some pics of Major! We have another member that hopefully will chime in soon, her name is Hero's mom, and she' a lab lover and owner too :)
Hi Kim,
Welcome to Doberman talk. Just briefly browsed your site and love that you are on a mission to set the record straight about those cute little "minature dobermans" :)
Karma has a face to die for - What a doll!
Hi Kim and welcome to dobetalk from me and the doberman gang here in the U.K. I was raised with labs also but now i'm truly bitten by the doberbug.
Hi Kim,
Welcome I have a 9 month old dobie (Tamora) and a 10 year old lab(Copper). To add to that, my last dobie Sadie had bone cancer (osteosaracoma).She ended up developing bloat after having her leg amputated. Before that she was in a program for limb sparing. We drove to the university 1-2 times a week. Great expense but it was not meant to be. Having said all that we have a lot in common as far as the big fur babies. I have cats too.
Hello and welcome to the forum, hope to see some pictures!
Welcome to DT...
Hello and welcome to the forum. I also have a Blue. a Girl named Iris.. Also 3 other doberman here at home to keep her company.
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