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Hello from kitchener

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just like to say hi i just got my new Dob not to long ago, he was born on dec 13 heres a pic
his name is Dewy
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He's adorable...and I love his name!

Welcome from Arizona :wavey:
Welcome from Maine!
Welcome. That is a cute name.
Hello :wavey: and welcome from Southern Indiana!
What a handsome face and very pretty ear crop. Welcome to DT!
Welcome from Ohio. Nice looking boy.
Love the red boys! Welcome to DT!
Ria and Rudi from Cincinnati Ohio
Welcome to the forum from Ohio. Look forward to seeing many more pics of your pretty boy.
Welcome from London! Just down the highway from you.
What a cutie. Welcome.
thanks for the welcome must say there is a lot of beautiful dobs on here and i am glad mine is one of them.
Welcome from Aurora, hope you enjoy the forum. :)
Welcome from Orson and me in Northern Indiana :)

Your boy is very handsome..........hope you stick around and let us watch him grow up!
Oh he is very handsome.. Well to the forum.. I look forward to lots of puppy stories
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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