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Hello from Henryville IN!

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Pistol and I say hello from the backwoods of Indiana!
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Hello and Welcome to Doberman Talk!!

Hugz to Pistol!
Welcome to DT from Texas :] !
Hi from Kansas City. Kisses to Pistol. Post photos please.
:) Hello Pistol and Evelyn

I happen to know this pair.. and it's going to be fun to see posted pictures and what's going on with them..

Maybe they'll be joined by Vyctoria and I..
Thank you all! I'm afraid the only good picture I have of him is from when he was 6 months old this past Christmas, he's quite a bit bigger now!

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Welcome from a fellow hoosier. Pistol is a very handsome guy.
Thank you Maui's Mom! In the words of my best friend "Santa has never looked so bad ass" :emo:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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