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Hello from future dobester

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I am 1-3 years away from starting my first purebred dog but wanted to hear and see as much as possible well ahead of time so that I can find the best match possible when the time comes and hit the ground running. Hence I googled for a doberman forum and voila! I have a potential plan, but would like guidance from people who actually know what they're talking about! :)

My current plan: get some decent experience in AKC obedience over the next year or two, resume emergency response work next year (with or without my current dog), try to get some sort of exposure to protection sports and conformation, then talk to breeders and have a training program solidly in place for a puppy. I am determined that my personal interests won't negatively impact the homeless pets I help through rescue and advocacy; hence the desire to do as much groundwork as possible pre-puppy.

I would probably be looking for a breeder who emphasizes protection sport competition but also pays close attention to conformation and health/longevity (Gaylan's goldens come to mind in this regard). I would be spending the puppy's first 18 months focused on conformation, with a side helping of obedience/tracking and physical conditioning with the foster pack (daily swimming, a weekly full-day hike, monthly backpacking trip, light freestyle), plus solid social training alongside my therapy dogs/cat.
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Hello and welcome from Maine....As I am a novice myself I can't really give you much in the way of advice, but I can say you are taking the right steps in coming here and taking your time to do all the necessary research. Good luck
Hi and welcome to DT!
There is sooooo much to learn from this forum, and you found the right spot to get yourself prepared for your Dobe.

DT Educational Archive - Doberman Forum : Doberman Breed Dog Forums
The link above was shared with me when I first joined. I don't know if you have looked at it yet, but it is an archive of all the most frequently asked questions by Dobe owner (and dog owners in general) with posted advise from expierienced members. It has just about everything in this archive. Very helpful stuff!

Good luck with your research!
Welcome from Missouri and so wonderful to hear that you have put so much thought and preparation into it. Look around and start visitng with breeders now whom you like - I know I alwys have a waiting list so it is good that you are starting early and not wanting a last minute puppy. Good luck with your search and since you are wanting a working dog I would visit he United Doberman Club web site for some info on specifically working dogs.
Hi. Welcome from Virginia!
I suggest you look into Schutzhund, or French Ring. :) Google & read up on those two sports - then I would look up clubs in your area! Attend training & trials to get a feel for the sport.
Have fun & good luck!
Hi and welcome to the forum from PA. Kudos to you for doing your research first before getting your Dobe. There is a wealth of information on this forum. Have fun reading and learning!
Thanks, everyone, for the warm welcomes and list of resources! There's so much out there that it's difficult to sort through alone without some pointers. :) Sinister, there is a Schutzhund and a ring sport club in my area. It's alright to call them up and ask to observe? I'd like to do what is as realistic as possible. I don't want the doberman equivalent of racing (as opposed to coursing) for sighthounds. On the other hand, something AKC-recognized (Schutzhund/IPO, I think?) would be nice.
Hello and Welcome to Doberman Talk!!

Good luck with your research!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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