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Hello from England

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I live in Staffordsire and I am on my second brown Dobe bitch, a lovely girl of european decent, Rowan. She's a real handfull and fills our lives like no other four legged lodger ever did before phew!! I was recomended to look at this site by another Dobe mad compatriate from the Dobermann club, so I'm looking forward to chatting. Hi Brumwolf, guess who?:dancing_b
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Welcome! Just watched "Pride&Prejudice" :) Lovely coutryside. That's a dog's paradise :)
Hi Graydobe...all you had to say was "Dobe mad compatriate" and we all know right away who that is!
Hello greydobe, hope you enjoy the forum. Oh and by the way we need pictures of your lovely Rowan. I love the name to!
That is 3 of us from the Birmingham and District Dobermann Club now!!we are preparing for a takeover!!Welcome to Dobetalk from me and the girls. What we have here is a collection of some of the best Doberman people in the entire world stick with us and enjoy the ride.
Welcome.........looking forward to seeing pictures!
Welcome!!! Always glad to have another dobernut here!
WELCOME!!!!!!! You have a few more dobes to get, to catch up to Brumwolf. LOl
Welcome!!! I have a brown girl as well, and a black girl. We are in VA.
Hi and welcome to the forum.. It is nice to see so many people joining! Look forward to hearing more and more about you.
Welcome! We have two dobies, our red boy, Titus will be 2 years old tomorrow and we also got our black girl last week and her name is Jada. Will post some pictures of them both as soon as I figure out how to do it. :)
welcome to DT from over here in the states. we are just outside of DC in MD. I have two black and rust rescues: Apollo my 6 year old gentleman and Molly, is my year and a half rapscallion.

glad Burm is getting the word out in the UK

Welcome to DobermanTalk! I am the proud dober-mommy of Rommel who is 13 months, and Ziris who is 9 weeks. (I hope to out dober Brumwolf one day! Maybe 5 or 6...dober boys and girls) I also have a 2 year old Boxer named Piper. :D

I love the name you chose, and I agree...we need to see some pics!
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