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Hello from England.

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Hi everyone.
My name is Mandy and i'm owned by Milo who is 4 months old:)

He's our first Dobe and we love him to bits! Tho he's *trying* to be a bit stroppy now.

I've been looking at the pics and they are all gorgeous!

I look forward to learning lots from all of you.
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welcome Mandy I know you will learn from all the people here . and we have a few from England on the form. Puppys go through all sorts of phases while growing up just be patient.
Welcome Mandy,

Hope you enjoy !!
Hi Mandy and welcome to the forum from a fellow Brit-Birmingham based and my gang - - - - - - - - - - -
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Thank You all for the welcome

What area do you live?
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Hello and welcome to Doberman Talk! Please stop by our Town Hall Section and feel free to add your experiences into the mix. I have a two year old girl named Lexus, make sure to post pics!
Hi Brumwolf & Lexus.

I live in Manchester.

I've tried putting a pic of Milo for my avatar but it was too big and i dont know how to make it smaller??

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OMG!!!! Milo is so cute! Welcome to the forum! This is a wonderful place for info, and stories and so much more.

I reside with a 2 year old female her name is Gracie. She is one of the loves of my life. She is in my sig below and also in my avatar. I hope you enjoy it here as much as a lot of us have!
Hi Milo's Mom, he sure is a handsome fellow. I hope you don't mind but I resized your pic for you, hopefully this one will work. If not I can resize again if you want me too.

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Milo is indeed a handsome boy welcome to the forum
Hi Mandy
sorry It's taken me so long to welcome you. My name is carrie and I am owned by a 5 year old doberboy named Apollo. Your little Milo is just adorable! I don't mean to be dense (which most times I am even when I try not to:)) but what is "stroppy"?

glad you joined the dober party!

Thank you DaKari.

Hi Carrie, sorry i forget that i'm not on a uk site:duh_6b:
*Stroppy* means like a difficult kid that tries to push their luck.
Hi and welcome to dobetalk. I'm also from england (liverpool) and am owned by a rescue dobie called Alpha.

welcome aboard:cool2:
Milo's Mum said:
Hi Carrie, sorry i forget that i'm not on a uk site:duh_6b:
*Stroppy* means like a difficult kid that tries to push their luck.

LOL, a while back we got a thread going about differences in language, it's a riot to read!

Okay the bum-nuts one just cracks me up every time!
Thanks for that Lexus, i needed sommat to cheer me up today.:)

I might ask my son if he fancies having scrambled bum-nuts for his tea! he'll think i've lost the plot! :jokersmil
Welcome to the forum Mandy :) Milo is a doll, I love his HUGE feet :)
Hello and welcome. Yes puppies can be trying but I am sure Milo will soon have You trained.. LOL Welcome again!
Thanks everyone.

I must say he's the best behaved puppy i've ever known! He's a pleasure to be around :eek:)
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