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Hello from BC

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Saying HI, I am from WhiteRock BC Canada. I do not have a doberman YET!!! But as soon as I have an appropriate house and yard I will. I have loved the breed ever since I was a child and can't wait to have one of my own. I was at a dog show this weekend and talk to a few owners and breeders, and it just inspired me even more.
If only the housing costs in this area were not so outragious! Well thanks for the website to continue my research and all the wonderful photos to look at.
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Hello and welcome to the forum from me and my gang here in the U.K.
Welcome Mike :D, I hope you find lots of useful info around here!
Welcome to DT. Good luck on your search.
Welcome from Southern Indiana!!
Welcome hope you enjoy the forum, the housing prices over here in Ontario are not much better.
welcome to the board! your not the only one without a dobe. and i bet you'll get yours before me.
There are quite a few breeders in BC and Schutzhund shows. You should attend one of these and see a dobie at work!
hello and welcome to the forum. this is a great place to read about Dobermans and see lots of photos of Dobermans being just who they are.. a bunch of fun, loving, lap dogs.. who melt in the rain.. LOL
hello and welcome from luna and me in florida!
Welcome from me and my 2 girls from VA :)
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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