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Hello from Barrie Ontario Canada

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Hello everyone, my name is Cathy and I live in Ontario Canada.

My Doberman is a black/tan male named Baron. He is only 4 weeks old, so I won't be getting him until Mid August. I am so excited. I am glad I found this forum because I have been doing extensive research and I am learning a lot here.

This is my first time ever owning a dog and my first with a Doberman. My husband and I have done extensive research on several different dog breeds and have found the Doberman to be perfect for us.

I am looking forward to chatting with you. I am going to see my puppy on Saturday for the second time, he is 4 weeks old now and I will take many photos to post up. I have met the parents "Lady" and "Thor" and they are incredible.

Words can't describe how excited I am to welcome my new addition.

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Welcome from Wisconsin! Get ready.... ;O)
Welcome again Cathy, I am also from Ontario. I just moved to Oshawa. :)
Hi, I'm also brand new here. I have family from London to Windsor.

My first dog on my own was also a dobie, Zena (rip). Remember patience is a virtue. :biggrin55
Welcome from Washington State!!!

Robin and Rex
Ah! I bet you're excited! I can't wait to see pictures! Welcome from Colorado.
Welcome from SE Pennsylvania. Good luck with your puppy. This is a really nice forum and I hope you really enjoy it and make good use of it.
Hi Cathy and welcome. We live in Mississauga, good luck with your new puppy.
Welcome to DT from me and my pack here in the U.K.
Congrats on your new bundle of joy.. Dobermans are the best dogs in the world. I have owned Dobermans since 1973. Right now I have 4. 2 Black girls, 1 blue girl and 1 black boy. It is a house full but I do love it.
Welcome to DT. The following is a quote by my friend Sooz and it is something that you should know and be aware of before bringing home that new baby.
OK, I'm going to say it again here. A doberman is NOT a starter breed, and it is certainly NOT the breed for a novice dog owner. Frankly from your post, I think you are in love with the fantasy of the doberman and not dealing with the reality. AT A MINIMUM, they are a HUGE expense upfront and for the rest of their lives. They require LOTS more daily exercise and training than other dogs. When they don't have that in correct amounts, they are destructive. They can be dangerous to you and others. They are a physical and legal liability. They are extremely physically powerful and they make decisions on their own without your permission. Serious decisions. This is a working dog and a guardian breed and you must fully understand what that means as far as their natural instincts go, because you will not erase that through training. And if you are unable to deal with having a dobie with serious health problems then you should not own a dog...any dog...but certainly not a dobie because when they require care, you're facing some very expensive veterinary costs and treatments.

In short, you will need to commit to raising a doberman in the same way you would commit to raising a child. And that means for better or for worse, you take full responsibility, pay all expenses, meet all health needs, provide total love, attention and training and never, ever give them up because you get tired of the overwhelming drain on your time and wallet. This is a member of your family, period. They are a huge investment, not an accessory.

The ONLY time to own a doberman is when you are mature enough to care MORE about the doberman's life than what you think a doberman can or will do for YOU. JMHO.

You were smart to ask...but experienced dobie owners would be doing you and the dog a disservice if you are not told the whole truth. I would highly recommend against a dobie in your case for a number of reasons, but mainly because this is a highly transitional phase of your life when things change rapidly. Dobies need stability, not for a few months at a time, but for their lifetime. If you cannot absolutely commit to that type of total investment, then it's not even the right time to think of being a dobie owner.
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Yes, I agree with LTH, Sooz is right on the money with this quote and it is really something you should be aware of.
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Welcome from Pennsylvania! I was born in Toronto and my son went to college at Guelph. Nice looking dogs you have there!
Ooppss...mixed up the two new Canadians there!! Heres to nice looking dogs in your future too!
Welcome to DT.
I alway's thought that Sooz's post was good information for someone thinking about getting a doberman. Or a new owner, no surprises!
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welcome to the forum from the Netherlands! Looking forward to see pictures of your new addition:anicam:
Welcome from London,Ontario. Our dobe was our first dog too....just about 3 years old and hasn't slowed down a bit!!
Photos of Baron

Here are some photos of Baron our 4 week old puppy we took today.

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Thank you all for the welcome and feedback on the Dobermans.

I have done extensive research and am well prepared for our new family member.
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