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Hello from Abilene, TX..

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New to DT but been reading alot here. Still looking for a pup in my area but having limited success at the time. Been around dobes ALOT and finally have the money/time/house/yard for a new family member of our own. Hopefully I will be posting pics within the next few months! Any advice on finding a pup in west/central texas would be greatly appreciated as well as any other advice for a first-timer.
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Welcome from Austin/Tyler. There are some GREAT breeders in Texas and a lot of people here on DT with dogs from Texas breeders so you've definitely come to the right place! I got my boy from Irina Sasu of Rhapsody Dobermans. She's located right in Austin and is an amazing woman. Her dogs are stunning and capable and she knows the breed and her lines like the back of her hand. I definitely don't regret going to her for my first dog, she's been nothing but helpful.
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Wow your boy is beautiful!! Yea I am in the heavy duty research stage right now and trying to get in touch with as many reputable breeders as I can. Glad I found this site before I got a pup...already learned alot!
Welcome from Houston! :) glad to see you're doing your research! Patchwork is right, there are some really good breeders in Texas. My male is from a show line breeder, his littermates are currently racking up points in conformation and doing well in agility.
Hello and Welcome to Doberman Talk!!

Good luck with your search for just the right dog!

If you get the chance.......please check out a few Rescue Dobes too! Thank you!
Welcome from college station Texas when u get your puppy my Alice loves to make new friends
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