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Hello everybody!

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I just found this forum recently and thought to introduce myself. :wavey:
I am a passionate Dobermann enthusiast who shares all her life with her Dobermanns. I do sports and shows with my dogs and am also a small time breeder.
Looking forward to partcipate in your Dobermanntalk and get to know you better! :tongue22: Nicoletta
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Welcome to the forum and enjoy. :)
Welcome to the forum and enjoy. :)
welcome to the forum. Introduce your dogs more please :)
LapDog said:
welcome to the forum. Introduce your dogs more please :)
Sure! Thank you all for the welcome!

I have my old lady from Russia, she is Nadia.
Nadia was diagnosed with wobblers last year, but is doing quite well.
Now she's recovering from surgery done for gastric torsion. Nadia is 9 years old.

Then there's Sara, she is from Italy and is 6,5 years old. She is multichampion
in various eu-countries. She is also mother to my B- and V-litters. My once-in-a-lifetime dog.

Emma, 5 years old is also from Italy. She and Sara have the same mother. She is my wacko girl, very funny dog. :boldred:

Brinna & Nino are Sara's kids. They are 2 years old. My first all natural Dobes.

More photos, titles, pedigrees and other information on my homepage. :tongue22:
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welcome Saradia

you have a beautiful family :) I was looking at your friends dog Ruby, he is so handsome.
Hi saradia and welcome to the forum from myself and my little pack here in the U.K. Tia's father is a Russian dog "Korifey iz Zoosfery" and Mischa's father is a French dog "F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell".
Welcome to the group! Its great here, everyone is just wonderfull. Thanks for posting pics of your babies. They are a purdy bunch! *grins*
Hi Sardia!

Your girls are beautiful! What sports do you do with them?
Zucker said:
What sports do you do with them?
We train IPO with the kids.

Sara & Emma

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Welcome Saradia, you're Doberkids are gorgeous! And I love the two all natural - I haven't seen many Dobe tails :)

Of all the pics, the last one of Nino is my favorite - My Chihiro would be in heaven if she could jump, bark and growl AND get rewarded for it. The only thing she'd like better is if you could add shredding underwear and toilet paper in the mix LOL
Hello and Welcome!!! Ha ha, better late then never! Sorry I haven't been looking at this site too throughly lately obviously! OMG! Love that last pic of Nino!! "I'm gonna get cha! You can't hide in that tree from me"!!

I also love your all natural kids :) Beautiful poochies all the way around!
Hello and welcome to the forum! I am sure that you will enjoy it here. your dogs are lovely!
:tongue22: Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm glad my long tailed kids fit in. :biggrin55
Welcome! Your dogs are all gorgeous, you have one heck of a pack to brag about...they all are very stunning. Nadia doesn't even look old, she's beautiful. I'm in the midst of adopting a rescue, but if you want to see my pom pack pics then look over at the topic "doberman food" where I posted pictures and their stories. :)
I just browsed your site...amazing! Do you have pictures of any of your past litters?
Leigha & the Pom Pack
There on his site with each litter P,G,V,B and some others as well take the time to cruise a little and you will see them. Click on the litters typed in red and it will take you to them.
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