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Holly is still pretty young and she gets freaked out by things easy. when I take her out we just go for a normal walk shes infront of me looking all over on the way back on the bike trail i stop and work on heel with her for 10-15 minutes she can heel decent sometimes when we just walk she also is semi in the heel postion she stays at my side then she goes ahead looks at me comes back and ect. i have tried to keep her in the heel on entire walks that goes alright but she stops paying attention to me which isnt good when she sees a bird or a rabbit or someone coming up from behind us its funny holly will stop and stare up at a bird and watch it and jump up at it lol i think ive said this once before the thing that i dont like is holly always looks back on the bike trail and when she spots someone she looks and looks and looks and starting walking in cricles around me stareing at them usually i stop and let her watch them go by is that a smart move? or do i just keep walking ignoreing her?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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