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Heeeeerrrrres Rocky!

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Just thought I'd say hi......just joined the forum and Rocky is our third Dobe. He's 4.5 months old and is a wonderful, affectionate little guy (although he won't be little for much longer!).

We lost our eight year old male in January (to peritonitus following intestinal surgery), and we really couldn't live without a Doberman. Rocky has helped fill the void that our beloved Caesar left. We have other dogs (a Puggle and a Beagle), but nothing is quite like the intuitive, almost human companionship of a Dobe.

Glad to be part of this forum!

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He is handsome, nice posting of ears. Enjoy!
Welcome! Wow what a beauty! And those ears!

Sorry for your loss, puppies sure have a way of keeping you in the moment! And the laughter they bring!

Cute boy. Welcome to DT.
Welcome to DT. You have a cute boy.
Just a handsome young man!! Welcome from Orson and me in Northern Indiana :)
Welcome to DT from the Netherlands! Your boy shure looks good!
Welcome to DT, Rocky is one handsome doberboy!!!
Rocky's ears look great! What a sweet puppy face!
Rocky is a beautiful little boy.Give him a big hug from me and Tia!
WooHoo, another pup named Rocky on this forum!!!
Nice name for the new pup, I also named my puppy Rocky:)

Hello and welcome from me, Rocky, and Lucky in California
Thanks for all the kind words, guys! Rocky says "thanks" for the warm welcome.

I've been looking through the galleries and there sure are some beautiful dogs on this forum....of course ALL Dobie's are beautiful. They really are a very special breed.

Rocky got his name when we first went to visit him at the breeder's when he was six weeks of age. I picked him up and the first thing he did was swing his already large paw at my face and clock me with a great left hook. "Nice shot, Rocky!" I said.....the name stuck.

I'll post more picks as he grows older. Thanks again for the welcome!
gorgeous!!! or should i say Handsome! :) welcome!!!
hi and welcome from me and luna in florida. rocky is SO cute!
1 - 20 of 48 Posts
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