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Heat question

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How long does a dog stay in heat. Tamora is on day 29. Just when I think she is finiished you will see some more drops. (usually later in the day) Is this normal?
Thanks for any insight. ADHP
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Heat cycles can last anywhere from 21-28 days, but (from what I've read) it varies from dog to dog.

Java's first cycle was very light, but she did stop to pee every ten feet (or so it seemed)when we'd go for a walk. Mind you, I did keep her out of the DP - there is a Burmese Mt Dog that had taken a fancy to her and tried to mount her at 7 months - until she went devil dog on him. Didn't want to take a chance so we spent a lot of time walking elsewhere.

I didn't need to keep her in drawers the whole time, it was that light, barely noticeable. Of course she was kept in a section of the house w/ a slate floors and I attached an old, thick beach towel to her floor pillow after wrapping that in a large plastic bag, so there wasn't anything she could stain. My breeder had asked that I wait until before her second cycle to spay her, so I only had to go thru this experience once.
Thanks Javasmom. I did not have a clue. This seems a little long for me. I to will only go through this once.
Usually about 3 weeks but 4 is not unheard of.
My mom's female shepard has been in heat a couple of times and both times were around 3 weeks.
Thanks TJmom & Brumwolf. I keep thinking maybe today is the last day.Today will be day 31. I hope we are not going for some kind of record.
I still keep her on a leash--how much longer?
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