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Heat cycles and urination

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As you may have read in my other post, Maggie is now 8 months, and I believe she may be going into her first heat, after which, I am spaying her. My concern is that she has peed in her crate the last 2 days, and is very hyperactive (more than usual- borderline crazy!). She also is peeing tons more outside than usual and just seems off the wall. A couple male dogs were "hanging out" outside the fence yesterday morning when I let her out to pee, and she was running barking at them and what I almost call female marking - she would run squat, run squat, etc, as she was barking at them.

Is this excessive urination common around a heat cycle?
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les strat said:
Is this excessive urination common around a heat cycle?
Yep. They want to make sure those boys know ALL about them. :)
Yeah, my girl would leave a trail of urine on our walks, stopping three or four times to relieve herself. She didn't mark as much as a dog would, but she gave it her best.
Amber is a right strumpet when in heat, she cocks her leg doggy style to pee up bushes.
Geez oh man Brum, how on earth do you manage having FOUR girls that go into heat? Your patience level must be unreal! I couldn't stand Lex going into heat, and I only dealt with 3 heats!
You could say i am hardened to it now!!we just have a routine where they do not go to training/shows/anywhere but the fields on A LEASH at all times.
strumpet LOL Brum (ok ok I had to looked it up)
Tamora--now 9 months--1st heat--Day 14. No excess peeing or hyperactivity. As a matter of fact ,when she has her undies on, she tends to curl up and sleep wherever I am. I think she thinks she has some form of a straight jacket on.
As far as marking, had a spayed doberman ,now deceased who marked as much as the male when we were marking. She was so good, she would go and not miss a step while walking.She figured out how to leave a drop and not get corrected on a 6 foot leash. This breed is just too smart.
Oh yes like "Miss Piss Pot Patty". My kids called her a **** when she was in heat before we got her fixed, frank way of putting it, but true.
Java did the same thing at the dog park - 'marking' every ten feet or so it seemed. I thought she had a bladder the size of a peanut until it finally dawned on me what she was doing and that maybe we'd better stay out of the DP for a while. Our breeder had recommended that we wait until after her first heat before we spay her, and since there was a Burmese Mt Dog at the DP who always had his eye on Java, I thought it better to stay away. The pups would have a sweet temperament but gosh they would be as ugly as sin.....Java wasn't 'in the mood' - if any male started sniffing or hanging around she'd give him 'what for', snapping the air until be got the message and backed off. I just found it easier to take long walks in the woods with her instead until her show had passed.
Thanks for all of your replies. I really am not sure if she is in heat or not (no more bleeding or swelling as of yet).
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