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Health Stats

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I am trying to research the lines of Karma Kaja Del Nasi and Alfa By The Sea for VWD and DCM. Does anyone have positive affirmed info on them or their lineage?

Karma pedigree can be found at:
Untitled Document

Alfa By The Sea pedigree can be found at:
Dobermanns :: by the Sea

I do not need any info on the breeder just the dogs name and whether they had confirmed DCM or VWD (pos, het, or neg). I do not want this post to become opinionated just factual please. I am building a database.

Thanks everyone!

When it is completed I will make it available if anyone is interested. I will also take any other dogs and their stats if you have them.

I accept PM's too!!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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