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He loves it!!

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So I decided since we had BEAUTIFUL weather yesterday. That I'd take Bruno down to the "beach" (if ya wanna call it that--maybe the "rock" beach LOL). Since no one would be there. It would be a great time for him to get introduced to the big waters ;)

Not only did he get wet...but he LOVED it!! I'm so glad he enjoys water. I was a little scared he wouldn't. Since we do like to go camping and we go near a river. It's great knowing he likes to get in and have some fun ;) Some ducks flew down tho and startled him lol. But he managed to ignore them and continue playing with his ball.

Of course I DID get some pictures ;) (well my mom did).

(pictures were removed---sorry!)
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(pictures were removed---sorry!)
Oops, forgot two of them. He LOVES sticking his face right in. It's amazing how much he LOVES the water. He's a clutz too LOL. He was running really fast and I guess he didn't see there was a fence coming up, right into it he went. He was fine tho, kept on playing lol. He had TWO runs yesterday. Lucky Duck ;)

Needless to say, he was pooped hehe

[(pictures were removed---sorry!)

Here is my moms Yorkie Poo. Bruno plays with her ALL the time. They're buds ;)
Who came up with the story that Dobes hate water? Java loves running through the creek when she goes on walks, sticks her snout into the wading pool and likes sprinklers even though she spends most of the time trying to 'bite' the water. Funny how when it rains, though, it is all she can do to stay as close to the wall as possible and under the eaves when she has to go outside.
LOL that is funny JavasMom, but think about it, we love swimming and nice hot bubble baths but if we go outside we want umbrella's so maybe they are more like us than we think? :)

Luvs my Bruno, love the pics!!
that looks so fun, I wish I had a place I could let mine off the leash to run in the water!!
We have to drive to the next town to let Bruno out. But I know once summer comes there's no way I can bring him there off leash :( Because it's normally packed with ppl. So it's better to get it done now lol.
Lovely pics,he is shaping up very nice,he is gonna be a big lad,one word of warning i hope that is not sea water or you might find he has a touch of runny poop syndrome,my old girl Juno drank a load of seawater in cornwall and it went straight through her, we sprayed the sidewalk brown
LOL @ Sprayed the sidewalk brown ;)

No. We don't live near any seas/oceans. We're smack dab in the middle of Canada. Nothing but Bays and Lakes here ;)
Those pictures are great! I need to take some of my girls swimming....or, rather, Storm swimming and Ava wading. Ava doesn't like it as much. Storm would stay in until she drowned of exhaustion if I let her!
Oooh I love the first one! Awesome Pics :D I hope Rommel likes the water...he was great at the beach, the first time he went but the water was still very cold. Guess we will see this summer!
Those are such nice pictures. He looks so good.
Luv_my_Bruno said:
LOL @ Sprayed the sidewalk brown ;)

No. We don't live near any seas/oceans. We're smack dab in the middle of Canada. Nothing but Bays and Lakes here ;)

Good because Doberman + seawater drinking = Bad news it was soooo embarassing it was not possible to poop scoop either :-(

:emo11: for those images i put in everyone's mind.
Brum, Oscar went to the beach for the first time last week and he can confirm the "saltwater effect". Guess you could say he had a blast both in and out of the water...
wow Bruno is getting so big! awwww! that ball is just a littler ball right? it looks like Bruno could be HUGE compared to that size of a ball and an average sized ball! lol he is really so handsome! It's nice to see all these puppies grow up!!!!
Very nice pictures!

I often wonder if their feet get hurt?
Great pics! I can't believe how grown up he looks!
LD--Yeah the yellow ball is slightly smaller then the tennis ball. It's my mom's little yorkies ball. All she had. Then we found a tennis ball. But Bruno had it poped in no time :/ lol

He really is grown quite a bit. I don't notice it of course. Until I see pictures. But he's roughly about 60lbs now! He hides it well haha ;)
What a great time. Bruno is having the time of his life, as I am sure so did the rest of the family. You have just shown us what being a dog owner is all about. Having fun and loving every minute of it.
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