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Have no idea what happened

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but somehow ,someways, we made MAJOR progress tonight. Belle played with the other chihuahua, granted there was a lot of barking growling, crying, running, but they were actually "tugging" on toys and playing for I want to say over an hour. Still much work to do but I think slowly, very slowly, the dogs are starting to accept the new addition. My older one, the eskie, seems to sit on the sidelines alot but the puppy doesn't seem to be bothering her as much as far as the tail biting and just general puppy obnoxiousness and she looks like she is finally beginning to get some much needed peace with the new addition. Fingers crossed this keeps up. I am exhausted, between playing referee and cleaning poop and picking up toys and CONSTANTLY mopping the floors from all the dirt they track in from the yard, I think we are finally making some leedway. Thank you Jesus! Had to share that.
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That is great I knew they would all come around!!!
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