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has my dog got eczema???

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just went to give my dog a cuddle this morning, and the next thing i know is that he has a scab type on his neck, yet, i have not seen this before, and dont think it had come from a play with another dog as it was not there yesterday. any suggestions to what it is?? i only say it is eczema as thats the only conclusion i can think of, but it is no where else, and dosnt seem to give him much discomfort (that i know of).

any help would be really welcomed! :)

thank you


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keep an eye on it.

If you are concerned, ask your Vet to take a look at it.

Hugz to your DoberBoy!
Hmm doesnt look like eczema to me, especially if its only in that once place. Is it oozing at all? Does it smell? His collar isnt rubbing him in that place?

I'd say definatley take him to the vet if you're worried. If you're not worried, I'd say clean it with a salt and warm water solution for a week or so, and if it doesnt appear to get better after that take him in. Let us know how it goes :)
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