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Okie-dobie said:
She is showing some signs of Kennel Cough but the vet thinks it may be a bacteria infection. The problem is she attends daycare at this vet clinic so I think that's why he is saying this. He put her on Tribrissen which is used to treat both....ummm. I think this is where she has picked it up.
Of course Tuesday she was in daycare while I had exams and Tuesday night she had O.B. class. I phoned the instructor to let him know what was going on and he was going to phone everyone in the class...just in case. She has also had her Bordetella vaccine, so much for that!!
Anyways, I have upped her Vit.C a little, is there anything else that would help?? :sadcry:
I'd be careful about giving a doberman Tribrissen, it's a sulfa drug. This breed is known to be overrepresented in weird side effects with sulfa.

There are many different strains of bordetella, the available vaccines only provide protection for a few of them. However, vaccinating for it can help to minimize how sick the dog might get if it develops kennel cough.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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