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I wouldn't get a dog from there personally.

First off, they give NO substantial info on their dogs. No pedigree, no titles, no health testing. Also, they photograph them all stacked on a hill, making me wonder what physical faults they might be trying to hide.

And to top things off CKC (continental kennel club) is not a reputable registry, its a puppy mill / BYB registry. You can register a known mutt as a purebred with them if you photograph them right and pay up.

Check out the breeding / breeders forum (on this site) for some great info about researching breeders and finding good breeders. You REALLY want to do your breeder homework with this breed, the Doberman is prone to a LOT of very serious health issues and the chances of experiencing those issues are higher with poorly bred dogs from unconcerned breeders.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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