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Eat Poo and Die
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Three years ago, we sped to the shelter before it opened to try to adopt a skinny little Doberbutt. We had no idea what we were getting into. We thad privacy when we were in the bathroom. We never lived in fear of a good goosing. I had never been muzzle punched in the solar plexus before. SO's dangly bits were safe from random pokings and routine sniffings (along with enthusiastic punchings). We were missing out on so much that we had no idea was the norm for many people.

But he was cute and hungry and stole our hearts. He liked to sunbathe.

He wanted to sunbathe for hours.

He also wanted to kill other dogs while he was on leash, but we worked on that. Some locals still recognize Niz, and ask me if he was the skinny Doberman they stopped to pet some years ago.

He liked to hang out at the local wine bar. They had good pizza.

We fed him too much and he got fat. We got yelled at by our vet.

He wasn't very good at attracting girls.

So he worked on his "Heeeeeeeey cuties!" face.

He says I sabotaged his efforts.

He got his CGC with the evaluator gushing all over him and coming to pet him several times throughout the test and found himself the girl of his dreams.

They got along fabulously for the most part, but he's the type that leaves the toilet seat up.

We started up agility and worked on his gracefulness. The 6 months have really paid off.

He has pretty eyes, like he's got a huge, worldly secret that he can't spill. Or he's willing us to feed him. More, the fuzzbutt wills, more food.

Niz sends his whiskery kiss; thanks, for you've all followed him along on his journey and so kindly gave your advice where we fell short.

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This was so amazing. Really, amazing. The captions and pictures.. I love it. I'm so glad you have this handsome boy in your life! Doberkisses and hugs to sweet Niz <3

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Such an awesome tribute for Mr. Niz! I love your sense of humor and your goofball of a dog. And you even got me all misty at the end. ;) He's so lucky that you guys were the ones that took him in.


Si and Scout hope you get lots of cookies!

(That last photo is gorgeous, too.)
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