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Happy Mother's Day

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Oh this morning I woke up to a WONDERFUL mother's day present from Maggie.:rolleyes: My mom was screaming at me at 8 am to get up and clean my dog's mess up. So I walk into the bathroom and find trash everywhere and best yet dirty sanitary napkins and the like! EWWW So while I'm still 3/4 asleep I'm cleaning up this nasty mess. I honestly didn't care lol I just wanted to go back to bed. But, I did get a much better Momma's day present! A picture I entered of Maggie and Me won a contest! :D

Maggie get's a bandana as a prize, Yay Maggie!!
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haha I bet maggie was just looking for a present to get you for mothers day! That is a great picture! I can see why it won! Love all the pink in the picture!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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