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Happy birthday to my baby girl.

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My sweet angel in Heaven would be 10 years old today. I woke up this morning to a vision of her in my head even before I opened my eyes. She has been gone from us now for six months and it felt good to have such a vivid vision of her but it hurts to think of how much her birthday brings up the painful feelings of her death. I'm so thankful of the time I had with her and the memories that will bring me a lifetime of happiness but I miss her like mad. I'm amazed at how much she changed our life in 9 1/2 years with us, and how much our life has changed since she left us. I wish her the happiest birthday then we could ever give her. She is in Heaven now and I imagine that is a gift every day.
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Happy B-Day Cleo!
Happy Birthday Cleo
Happy Birthday Cleo - You're in my thoughts and prayers... I know how hard it is to send them over the bridge - I miss my Storm like mad and it's been years since she passed...
Thank you all. I'm trying so hard to think of her there with my Mansen, King, Storm and all the others that we all miss. I know she's having a happy birthday.
Happy Birthday baby girl. I hope you are partying with my Uno who turned 10on April 24th and Mason who will turn 7 on July 24th, both waiting at the rainbow bridge!

Carol ox
Happy Birthday Cleo - we'll be thinking of you & your family.
I just loved the tribute you made for Cleo, you had a link to it a while back. It makes me sad. :O(
I just loved the tribute you made for Cleo, you had a link to it a while back. It makes me sad. :O(
Thank you. It was very therapeutic. I just had to delete all the messages to her to write her a happy birthday message but I saved all her messages on my computer.
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