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Happy Birthday Duchess!

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Happy Birthday Duchess!
:fireworks :dancing_b :dancing_3 :hbirth1: :part4: :gift: :fireworks
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HAha! thanks Dreamdoby!!! lol I still dont have my plans for her birthday made!!!! lol. Ill come up with something wonderul Im sure...Hopefully the weather is nice...actually it probably wont be...there is snow on the ground lol.
:band: Happy Birthday, Duchess! :part4: Geez, it seems like only last week we were having her last birthday! Don't forget the cake, LD!:chickenfa
Aw happy birthday Duchess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:beer: :wavey: Strike sends a hug and a kiss her way.

Actually if she isnt busy Strike thinks you should bring her up here to spend the day with him.
:fireworks :happybirt :candle: :hbirth1: :fireworks
:happybirt Happy Birthday girl... Hope it is full of lots of yummy sinful things..
Happy Birthday Duchess....3 already.. Its fun to watch them grow up here.
:candle: Happy 3rd Birthday Duchess...and many more to come.:candle:

I thought I posted to this? lol Oh maybe it was to the thread with her pics. Never mind. I'll be okay hehe ;)
:happybirt :butfly: Happy Birthday Duchess!! :swing1: :part8: :cake:
Thank you guys!
Duchess loves all the hugs, kisses and birthday wishes! :)
Bleh, maybe someday! that'd be fun!

I forgot to wish her brother happy birthday when we saw him last night.
Hopefully the snow melts soon and the weather is nice maybe this weekend. I wanted to take her to this lake at a forest preserve seems pretty. so maybe we'll make plans and celebrate over the weekend. I can't think of anything to do for her birthday except take her to the petstore...but she already got that collar for her present:) well see :)
Id like to get her a harness....I like the one that is on planet dog
:part8: Happy Birthday - hope it's fun filled :)
Happy Birthday!
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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