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H.O.T. Dog Club-Houston, Tx Obedience

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Has anyone trained here? Home

My pup, Koa, should graduate from his puppy class at another training facility next Saturday. The current place is ok, but dirty. Koa caught kennel cough the 2nd class. Only place he had been to. Trainer is also a little scatter-brained.

I have been told by friends that train at HOT that they will recommend a choke chain, martingale or pinch collar. I'm not sure how I feel about that as currently he trains at the other place with the recommended Mendota slip lead. However, he definitely needs work on loose leash walking!

I guess I just want to know if any of you have trained at HOT and if you would recommend it?
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I have nothing negative to say about the mentioned trainer. I looked into them when I first sought out a local trainer. I however didn't go with them, I did go with Al Longoria.

Nothing but great things to say about Al, his business and his training club!
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