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Guess I will be having a new Granddog

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My son & his girlfriend came by today is Samantha's birthday my son called said they would be bring a big surprise by the house.Sure enough they showed up with a Old English Bulldog 2 years old, 50# intact male seems like a nice dog slobbered all over and mainly just laid around.
I asked what are you going to do with him when you go on your honeymoon next month ???. Samantha said I forgot all about that as they were leaving I said a male Doberman will not get along with another male dog.Does not matter if they are intact or not. I have a feeling they will want me to take care of it while they are in Cancun they will be gone 4 days. They told me they were just taking him around the people that own him say they have to find him a home their new baby is allergic to animal dander.????
Patches Mom
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You never know, they might get along. I'd say, obviously, just dont leave them alone together. Right now my roommate has an intact male daschund, which is crated when someone isn't there to supervise, (Jethro doesn't crap all over the house and chew everything up so he gets free range) and we've never had a single problem. Of course an OE bulldog is a slightly different than a daschund, lol.
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