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Excellent news Forager!!
It sounds like you've done your homework and are doing a great job with Dimity. Although, Waiting suggested "alpha rolling" her, I would strongly suggest otherwise. First off, it's not safe, many people who knew what they were doing have gotten seriously bit through this practice. Second, there are many other less aggressive ways to establish dominance. Do you enforce Nothing In Life is Free, or NILIF? In case you don't already, here is a link:
I guess I always kind of enforced this without really knowing what I was doing but have really stepped it up with both my dogs. Their attitudes are so much better and much more relaxed since I got my family on board and we've really practiced this, they both know that I/we are in charge and have everything in control, so there is nothing for them to really worry about.

The paper incident is worrisome, but I think NILIF will certainly help as well as teaching her "out" or "leave it". I had a real problem with Chi stealing stuff and then not wanting to give it back. She never growled but would run through the house just out of my reach. I finally stopped chasing her and would ignore her, as soon as she dropped the coveted item, I would treat her (actually would use the clicker, so I would click and then treat). Over several incidents in as many days I got to where I could anticipate her dropping the object. As soon as I knew she was ready to drop it, I would tell her to drop it and then she'd get the c/t.
Now she only gets the click/treat if I tell her to pick something up and then to drop it. I realized that at first I had inadvertantly taught her to steal stuff for a reward. Oh the mistakes me make :)
If Dimity's ear aggression resurfaces, check out this yahoo group
It is a very moderated forum of pet owners, professional trainers and behavorists that train only with positive methods and deal specfically with aggressive behaviors. They really helped me a lot when I was dealing with Chi's aggression.
Good luck and keep us updated :) I hope this ear infection is resolved soon... Poor kid has had enough to deal with in her life..
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