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I am new to this forum and was politely instructed to introduce myself. My girlfriend and I are looking to acquire a puppy for our abode. She has yet to be won over by the Doberman breed as she finds them quite intimidating, but I have a plan. A good friend of mine lives with two Dobermans (Dante and Dixie), and they are both magnificent in mind and body; their obedience is remarkable as well. I’m sure she will fall in love with the breed as much as I have when she meets the family. In the meantime, I am researching breeders, breed, and the raising of a puppy/adult.

The breeds strong will, regal appearance, and eagerness to please is everything I desire in a canine family member. I hope that I will make the right educated decisions in the future, both before and after I welcome home a Dobe.

Best wishes,
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Welcome to the forum, Jason :) You came to the right place. This forum has helped me so much. My hubby and I are first-time Dobe owners of our 13 week old boy, and this forum is such a helpful resource.

I hope you're ready for a big, strong ball of energy! Doberman pups are a handful!

Doing your research is great. I also researched everything I could about the breed and what to expect. I found the book Perfect Puppy quite helpful. More helpful, in fact, than all the Doberman breed books. Also, the internet is an invaluable tool.

A lot of people, like your girlfriend, are intimidated by even the mention of Dobermans because of all the stereotypical stuff on TV and movies about vicious attack dogs. But once they meet a Dobe, they see that they are just like any other dog if well-bred and raised properly.

Anyway, welcome to the forum and see you around. :)
Thanks for the warm welcome. I will certainly look into the "Perfect Puppy". I agree, the breed is stricken by the stereotype, but I will do my small part in proliferating the positive aspects of the breed!

Your pup looks great!
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Again welcome to the forum DobeNovice. It's great to have you. There is a lot of good reading here and plenty of good people to answer questions for you if you need any help.
DobeNovice,Welcome to the forum. All I can say is this is a great place with lots of good info as well as people. My advice is this: "Take what you need and leave the rest". You will love the Dobe Addiction!!!!
Welcome to DT from me and my Dobergirls here in the U.K.
Welcome. Years ago our good friends were intiminated by our than dobie. They are now such fans of the breed. They go out of there way to pet everyone they see.
Hi, well you have come to the right place.. Here we have a lot of very knowledgable people here.. The doberman breed is every thing that you said and more.. I live with 4 and love each one in a different way..
Hello & welcome from Isabelle & I in Az. You will find very helpful people around here - good luck with your plan & your research :)
Hello from England! You have done good coming to this forum - I am mum to my first dobie girl (8 months old) and I've found this forum so helpful.
Welcome to DT
Welcome to DT from Sadie and myself.

This truly is a wonderful forum. Out of many I had looked through when I first caught the "doberbug" this is by far my favorite and the best.
Thank you all for the welcome!
Welcome to Doberman Talk. Mrs Kratty was the same way as your girlfriend. She a cat person first and not a dog person. Just bringing up getting a doberman, she had the same fears every non-doberman owner has. But after alot of discussions and planning, she decided to agree with getting one. Now she is a true doberman lover. She sees what every doberman owner sees. A big devoted goofy, too smart for their own good loyal dog. She handled our first one through the first two training classes we were enrolled in and she going to do the same this time. It takes time for them see, but once they see how great this breed is, when brought up correctly, they can't help but fall for them. Welcome again.
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welcome to dobermantalk! Sounds like a good plan :) a pair of silly dobermans will do the trick :)
Hello and welcome, I hope you enjoy the forum!! :)
welcome to the forum. my wife and i are first time dobe owners also but we did grow up with dogs in our familys. we love our dewy. He is only 5months but very good with our kids, very calm temperment and people cant belive hes a puppy. cant go wrong with a dobe
hello and welcome from luna and me in florida! dobes rock! my aunt had one when i was growing up and i couldn't wait to get my own. my b/f, sergio, wanted a pug when we first discussed getting a dog.... obviously, i talked him into a dobe and he just adores her!
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